Sunday, July 5, 2009

El Taco offensive to all senses

El Taco restaurant at Davie and Howe streets is a notch above a rummage through the dumpster and a step below Taco Bell.
C. L. reports

[Zero stars]

A mound of garbage looks up at me. My job is to eat it. I'm writing a review of El Taco at Davie and Howe streets.

I peel back the burrito's foil. Parts of it stick to the slop inside. The triangles twinkle on the mound of brown-green garbage texture. The whole thing sinks like a foot.

While I've never eaten a foot, I venture a guess that the burritos here don't taste much better than bunions. At least feet, some people have fetishes for. Nobody could possibly enjoy this food.

It seems old. It's probably rancid. Later in the evening, I'll get sick.

Sweating in the lack of air conditioning, I wonder why I'm offering my business to this place.

Area residents complain of loud music -- bad folk-salsa -- blaring onto the streets. I know from experience how it pierces through the windows a block away, an unnecessary anti-marketing scheme probably cooked up by the homeless-looking man behind the grill.

The facade of the restaurant, in itself, is enough to repel any diner. Plastic palm trees stretch over a foreboding fence obscuring a patio, deserted.

And I wonder how this place manages to sell el single taco.


El Taco
738 Davie St. Vancouver, BC
604-806-0300 review
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